System Plugin


The System plugin is integral to the site, and provides basic but extensible functionality for use by other plugins and themes. Some integral elements of QuickApps are contained in and managed by the System plugin, including caching, enabling and disabling plugins and themes and configuring fundamental site settings.



A Hooktag is a QuickApps-specific code that lets you do nifty things with very little effort. Hooktags can for example print current language code (i.e. “en”) or call especifics plugins/themes functions. Plugins and themes are able to define their own hooktags. The System plugin provides a series of buil-in hooktags as described below:

{locale OPTION/}

Possible values of OPTION are: code, name, native or direction.

  • code: Returns language’s ISO 639-2 code (en, es, fr, etc)
  • name: Returns language’s english name (English, Spanish, German, French, etc)
  • direction: Returns direction that text is presented. lft (Left To Right) or rtl (Right to Left)
{locale /}
Shortcut for {language code/} which return current language code (en, es, fr, etc).
{t domain=DOMAIN}text to translate by domain{/t}
Search for translation in specified domain, e.g: {t domain=system}Help{/t} will try to find translation for Help in “System” plugin translation table.
{t}text to translate using default domain{/t}
Search for translation in default translation domain.
Return well formatted url. URL can be an relative url (/node-type/my- post.html) or external (
Returns php result of date(FORMAT, TIME_STAMP_OR_ENGLISH_DATE). More info about date(). It accepts both: numeric time stamp or English formatted date (Year-month-day Hours:Mins:Secs) as second parameter.
{date format=FORMAT /}
Returns php result of date(FORMAT). More info about date().
Returns a random value from the specified group. e.g. {random}one,two,three{/random}. If only two numeric values are given as group, then PHP function rand(min, max) is returned. e.g. {random}3,10{/random}

Managing plugins

The System plugin allows users with the appropriate permissions to enable and disable plugins on the Plugins administration page. QuickAppsCMS comes with a number of core plugins, and each plugin provides a discrete set of features and may be enabled or disabled depending on the needs of the site.

Managing themes

The System plugin allows users with the appropriate permissions to enable and disable themes on the Appearance administration page. Themes determine the design and presentation of your site. QuickAppsCMS comes packaged with two core themes (FrontendTheme and BackendTheme).

Configuring basic site settings

The System plugin also handles basic configuration options for your site, including Date and time settings, Site name and other information.