Updating QuickAppsCMS

It’s always a good practice to keep your QuickAppsCMS installation up to date with latest available version. QuickAppsCMS has been designed in such a way that your site’s configuration files and assets are isolated from the QuickAppsCMS’s core files. This means, that updating an existing installation is just as easy as replacing the directory containing such core. This process is exactly the same as installing a new fresh copy of QuickAppsCMS.

Update using FTP

Download the latest version of QuickAppsCMS at the official repository.

Then extract the .zip package and upload its content to your server using the FTP client of your choice.


Make sure to merge folders and not replace them. Most FTP clients will merge the folders you’re uploading, but some replace folders instead.

Update using Composer

If you installed QuickAppsCMS using the Composer way, then you can update using the following commands:

cd /path/to/site/root/ composer self-update composer update

Where /path/to/site/root/ is the directory that contains both vendor/ and webroot/ directories of your website.