Installing QuickAppsCMS

Here we’ll explain various installation methods for getting QuickAppsCMS up and running. There are basically two ways to install QuickAppsCMS, using either a CLI (command line interface) or an FTP client to upload the installation files to your server. Before continue please double check that your server meets the requirements described in the Requirements section.

Install using FTP

Go to QuickAppsCMS official repository hosted at GitHub, and then visit the releases section:

GitHub Releases

Find the latest stable release and download the zip package attached to the release announcement, you will find these packages at the end of each announcement:

GitHub Releases

Extract the .ZIP file and upload to your server hosting using the FTP client of your choice. After you’ve done this, be sure to chmod the following directories (with containing files) to 777, so they are readable and writable by QuickAppsCMS:

  • config/
  • log/
  • plugins/
  • tmp/
  • vendor/
  • webroot/


Linux users, remember to upload the .htaccess file as well (dot files are considered hidden in Linux), otherwise QuickAppsCMS will not work property without it.

Once everything is uploaded to your server and all permissions has been properly set to 777, you must now visit your domain URL using the browser of your choice:

You should follow the installation instructions provided by the installation interface:

GitHub Releases

Install using Composer

Installing QuickAppsCMS using composer is fast and easy:

Download Composer, or update using the following command:

composer self-update

Then start the installation using the command below:

php composer.phar create-project quickapps/website <PROJECT> --prefer-dist

If Composer is installed globally, run:

composer create-project quickapps/website <PROJECT> --prefer-dist

Change <PROJECT> to the name of your project before running the command. After composer is done visit your domain URL to start QuickAppsCMS’s web installer interface and follow the instructions as described the previous section.

Getting Help

If you’re stuck, there are a number of places you can get help.