Field API

Field API is built on top of EAV API. They both work pretty similar as they both allows to attach additional information to tables. However, the main difference between this two APIs is that Field API allows you to create more complex data structures; it was designed to control every aspect of the information being managed, from how the information is stored in DB to how it is rendered and presented to final users.

Any table (Nodes, Users, etc.) can use Field API to make itself fieldable and thus allow additional columns to be attached to it. To do this, the Field API defines two primary data structures, FieldInstance and FieldValue:

  • FieldInstance: is a “Field” attached to a single Table. (Schema equivalent: column)
  • FieldValue: is the stored data for a particular [FieldInstance, Entity] tuple of your Table. (Schema equivalent: cell value)


Field API is built on top of EAV API, so please consider reading EAV API documentation before continue.